Saturday, May 5, 2012

Textured Stenciling

Do you ever experiment on something you can toss in the trash if it doesn’t work out before you do a project?  That’s what I did.  I have a bunch of wooden craft frames from Michael’s that I keep in my craft closet.  One of my friends commented on my chalkboard frame I did last year so I thought I would make her one and try to add a textured stencil to it.  I bought the texture and Martha Stewart’s adhesive stencils from Michael’s as well. 


These stencils are so cool.  They are bendable and have adhesive on the back.  You can apply it to anything, even a curved surface.  When you are finished you simply peel it off and wash it.  The adhesive quality is still there so it reusable. 

I used a Pampered Chef scrapper to apply my texture.  I have read that Dap dry wall repair can be used also.


I squirted some on a plate and applied it onto the stencil.


Carefully peel away the stencil and you have yourself a textured design.



After it dries you can paint it.


When it dried I lightly rubbed chalk on the stencil to highlight the stencil.  You could dry brush paint on it as well for the same effect. 


I added a photo of my friend’s son and wrote his name at the bottom. 


I have to use a plate holder to display the frame because I painted it upside down and the hole for the stick that keeps the frame standing is on the top instead of the bottom.  Do you ever make silly mistakes?  I do more times than I care to count.

Here is the stencil on the corbel of my bar area.



If this doesn’t turn out then I will just sand and remove it.   I will let you know how it turns out.



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