Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Bowl of Pine Cones

I had some comments about my bowl of pine cones when I posted about my new lamps so I took some close ups of them.  I really love pine cones.  The color, texture, shape, etc.  I think the look so pretty in my bowl.  Can pine cones be kept out year around?  Is there a rule? 


How about some textures added to this photo to make it more artistic?


I used 2 of  Kim Klassen’s  textures.  Stained Linen and Mayzee.

Kim Klassen - Stained Linen  Kim Klassen - Mayzee

I love how textures change an image. 

Here’s a few more shots of the pine cones.




My father in law gave me that key thing beside the bowl.  I had asked if anyone knew what it was and Shell from Scraps of Our Lives let me know it is a railroad reverser handle. 

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