Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ballard Horse Weather Vane Knock Off

Lately I have noticed horse home décor while browsing online.  I don’t know if it is up and coming or just catching my attention.  I am not a horse western kind of gal even though I live in Texas, but I have always found horses to be beautiful.   Change is good and when you do things on the cheap you can change things up whenever you want right?  So I am. 

I was checking out Ballard’s online catalog and spotted a horse weather vane for a table top.

horse vane

My lately cobwebbed mind dusted itself and formed an idea.  I knew I could recreate this for free instead paying the $149 Ballard price tag. 

I  gathered supplies that I already had:  3 pieces of black 12 x 12 cardstock paper, black spray paint, Mod Podge, glue, wooden skewers, a large paint mixing stick from Home Depot and my Cricut. 


My husband is in Colorado fishing in the fresh cool air, while I am stuck here in Texas in the 100 degree heat so I had to saw the paint stick myself and using the drill.  Actually I would have done it myself even if he was home.  I was just trying to get some sympathy. 

I found a design I could use on my Make the Cut program for my Cricut and cut out 3 horse silhouettes which I Mod Podged together.


Then I measured how long I wanted my stick and where to drill holes for the skewers.  I glued the skewers into the holes and let it all dry.  I sprayed a little black paint onto the base and then glued the horse to it.  And now I have a free horse vane decoration. 




Here is a close up of the base.

IMG_2593 copy

Love those books.   My father in law gave them to me.  He has had them since he was a young boy and he is now 81. 

Let’s do a little comparison of the $149 horse and the $0 horse.



I used foam core board to recreate the white background from the Ballard catalog.



Do you like to recreate things you find in catalogs? 


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  1. That looks amazing! You saved yourself some serious bucks!

  2. That's an amazing knock-off! Way to go!

  3. Yours looks just like the original at a much better price. Love it!

  4. You did an amazing job. I totally love it. It looks better than the ballards and wow, the price is unreal. Creative indeed. Hugs, Marty

  5. No you didn't!!!!!!! frieken great job

  6. You know I love me a knockoff and that is awesome!

  7. awesome! and i like your horse better- he looks healthier!

  8. I agree...your horse looks better! ; ) you are amazing.

  9. How funny!! I have been wanting one of these too! Just yesterday I was saving pictures and thinking about cutting one out with my scroll saw. Your idea might be eaisier though. I just need a Cricut now!

  10. Hi Tracy! I love yours so much better than Ballards. Your horse looks like it is trotting - so cute and you did an awesome job! Enjoy!

  11. What a great idea! I like your horse better, and I like the price tag on yours better, too!

  12. I absolutely love this!! What a great idea!! Visiting from BNOTP

  13. Tracy that is so cool!! You did an amazing job, as you always do. :)

  14. Great project Tracy, you did a fantastic job with your knock off. Thanks for sharing.

  15. This is awesome. You should submit this to I'm sure they would love it!

  16. Found you over at Knock Off Decor... you did a fabulous job on the horse... I actually like yours better and I certainly like your price better too.

  17. That is crazy. I cannot believe how fabulous your horse looks. And I love that whole table area you have going. Very nice.

  18. Great idea and it looks perfect on your Grandfather's books!
    xo Cathy

  19. Wow!! How creative!! I LOVE this!! Now YOU are very talented!! :)

  20. I have read this post and read it again.....I think it is so neat that you can show others how to make something so fun.....from so little. You are so gifted! Love, Me

  21. To be honest I like your horse much better, great project! Will be one of your newest followers, thanks, Laura

  22. love it; i pinned it ... yours is way nicer than the ballard .... you go girl!

  23. Looks wonderful! Can I ask where you found the svg of the horse?

  24. I like your version better than the expensive one! Great job!


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