Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Time To Pick Up My Son From Camp and Begin Our Vacation!

My son has been at Whittington NRA’s Adventure Camp since Sunday, June 12th.  We get to see him on my birthday tomorrow, June 23rd and then pick him up on Friday June 24th.  I am ready to see him.  I haven’t had much phone time with him.  The camp is pretty rigorous.  He starts at 6am and finishes at 9 to 10pm daily.  Right now he is on a simulated big game hunt and they are in the wilderness for a few days.  They have to build their own tents and use survival skills they learned.  Before the big “hunt”, the kids at camp practiced shooting shotguns, pistols, rifles and muskets.  They learned how to tie knots and sharpen knives.  I think my little boy probably grew up quiet a bit during his stay.  The camp is for kids 13 to 17.

Here is a video that shows what is all about if you are interested.

Adventure Camp

I know guns aren’t for everyone, but I know my 81 year old father in law is very happy his grandson is enjoying a sport that he has always been very passionate about.  My father in law discovered the camp and paid for my son to attend.

The camp is in Raton, New Mexico so we decided to head on up to Colorado for this year’s vacation.  We will be visiting the area of Gunnison and Crested Butte.  Our cabin is in Almont, CO.  We are taking the crazy dogs.  The older one does great on vacation.  I am not sure how the little one will do.  I do know I am gonna be one cold dog owner come 5:30 am in the mountains of Colorado during potty time. 

Last year during our Florida vacation I did posts about our activities.  If I have decent internet service and time I will be doing the same for this vacation.  I can’t wait to bring along my camera and enjoy the beautiful scenery.



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