Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kitchen and Barstool Makeover

We have lived in our home since May of 2004. It was built in the early 70s. The kitchen before pic isn't very good and it was from when the previous owners lived in the house. I know I have a different before pic, but I can't find it and I am tired of looking for it. (Update: I found a before pic taken after the wallpaper was replaced with paint so I am adding it.) So this shows you it had a "wonderful" floral 70s wallpaper with avocado and peach flowers. The good news is that the old rotary phone was avocado they matched! The white tile was annoying because it never stayed white. The oak cabinets were in good shape. I know most of you hate the orangey color but I decided to work with it rather than get rid of it. It works for me. I do hate the orangey trim in my den and it is going away soon. Really really soon. So we had the tile, back splash, counter, sink and stove changed. I picked colors that went with the "orangey" cabinets.

Last summer I got tired of the bar stools. You can see in the previous owner pic that we inherited them. We are the 3rd owners. These bar stools where left by the original owners. They are sturdy and my son loves them. So I decided to put some color in the room and painted them red. The flash made them look a little brighter than I think they look on a daily basis. Here's the red bar stools.

So that's my kitchen.

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