Sunday, February 2, 2014

Few Changes in Our Family Room. Adding a Pop of Coral.

We ordered a sectional.  I have always despised them, but my husband really wanted one.  Our chair was tearing and our sofa was sagging so something had to be done.  So the sectional was ordered and delivered, but it doesn’t get to stay.  I love the function, but the color is all wrong.  Luckily it gets to stay until the new one arrives in a color that should go better with the room. 

In the meantime, I am adding pops of coral to the room and I am making a new square coffee table. 

Changing the color of a frame is the easiest way to add new fresh colors to a room.  I had a silver frame that I painted with some coral paint, added some gold paint for highlights and some dark brown glaze because I like how it adds depth. 




I will show you more later. 

Bonus photo is Izzy ready for the Super Bowl.

5W3A8068-Edit copy



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