Saturday, February 9, 2013

Self Portrait

A couple of photo groups that I am in on facebook posted a self portrait challenge.  I have tried this before and it was pretty tough.  I have since learned that back button focusing is my friend and makes self portraits way easier or you can just manually focus.  I used a stuffed animal where my head would be and then took a few photos of myself.  There never seems to be a good time to do this.  Even though I woke up early and threw on some clothes and makeup without showering or brushing my hair, I picked today to do my challenge.  I also had cried moments before watching a sad movie.  Despite my lack of effort I thought my photos turned out pretty decent.  I used window light and a reflector. 




Have you tried to do a self portrait?  Did you think it was tough?  If you don’t own a reflector then it should be your next purchase.  They are really cheap and can help you put light on a person or a project and really help you get a better photo.  I used a big one that is really inexpensive from Amazon.  I don’t care for the silver or gold side.  I just use the white. 


Go here to check it out. 



  1. what a beautiful lady you are......great pictures

  2. Lovely pictures, if you hadn't said otherwise I would have thought they were done by a professional (other than yourself, not saying your not a pro). I love your hairstyle too i will be taking next time I get a cut!

  3. You look beautiful! I can't imagine how difficult it would be to take a picture of myself...I'm my own worst critic ;-) You did an amazing job, but had such a great subject!

  4. Stunning! I think you did a wonderful job with this. I can't imagine getting out of bed and looking this good.


  5. Tracy this picture is wonderful. You are so beautiful. I hate pictures of myself and now that I am sporting the bald look from Chemo, I just posted two pictures this week on fb being bald. Its one thing to look at yourself in the mirror or to go out bald, but to set down and look at yourself hard core without hair is very hard, and painful (not bald but the weight gain due to steroids!) I am thinking when my hair grows out I am definitely going to have to try your cut!

  6. i love how the pictures look in black and white-love dee x

  7. You look gorgeous, such great shots! I love the black and white ones too. I have a prefessional photographer daughter, so I know a little how great pics look like. Great job Tracy.

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